Case Studies

  • Expanding the vision We brought to light AT&T’s evolved brand story, one that included entertainment as well as global markets, while also extending the brand’s sonic equity.

    sounds like The Human Current
  • Revitalizing the "heart" through sonic We evolved Southwest’s sonic identity as part of a larger brand repositioning to bring to the forefront the airline's commitment to their customers while maintaining the equity of the existing "ding" sound in an authentic and unique way.

    sounds like Nonstop Expression
  • Transforming the sports landscape We were challenged to create an emotive, modern and iconic track that embodied both the series’ tremendous diversity in directorial vision and the wide variety of human-interest angles at the heart of each famous sports story.

    sounds like Dynamic Storytelling
  • Staying provocative After incredible initial success creating the promo tagline “FX Has The Movies” in 2006, we’ve been challenged annually to refresh the theme, recasting its memorable hooks in the latest music trends to meet the evolving needs of the network and ever-shifting tastes of their audiences.

    sounds like Rebels on a Fearless Journey
  • The world’s biggest bass drop We created an immersive theater experience highlighting the brand’s sound
    technologies and fostering anticipation and excitement of what’s to come.

    sounds like Pure Experience
  • Driving hope and progress We helped reaffirm the Alzheimer’s Association’s position as a true leader in relentless pursuit of a cure, balancing their dual focus on science and humanity in a new and powerful way.

    sounds like Leading with Compassion
  • Conveying human craftsmanship To stand out in a crowded field of iconic jingles, Allstate is forging an emotional connection with their audiences through a sonic identity that doesn’t rely on a lyric. A catchy melody engages everyone who hears it, bringing forward a human touch that reinforces “you’re in good hands.”

    sounds like Unmistakably Ahead
  • a Roadway symphony Challenged with creating the sound of Nissan’s future electric vehicle fleet, Man Made Music developed a branded soundscape that meets international standards for pedestrian awareness and safety, while simultaneously creating an iconic brand sound for Nissan EVs.

    Intelligent Mobility sounds like Canto
  • A new beginning We created a soundtrack that both honored the prestige and heritage of CBS Evening News and took a fresh look at the traditional notion of a news soundtrack through a modern lens.

    sounds like a Fresh Start

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