The Road Back from Remote: Paving the Path to Richer Brand Experiences

COVID-19 has created change on both a micro and macro level – from how we communicate with each other on …

Emotional Intelligence: The Silver Lining Your Brand Needs Right Now

by John Taite   Have you noticed anything different about your LinkedIn feed lately? The usual stream of self-promotion, brand …

The Process of Sonic Branding: Getting Started

by Kristen Lueck, VP, Director of Business Development and Partnerships   As the demand for sonic branding grows, so do …

New Audio Research: The COVID-19 Effect on Sonic Branding

There have been many articles noting the “sameness” of pandemic underscores in advertising. A recent article from the Wall Street Journal …

The Power of Sound Strategy as We Reopen Economies

Last month, Man Made Music president, Lauren McGuire had the pleasure of chatting with Peter C. Evans of Platform Strategy …

Sound Data: Sonic Research on Top Car Companies

by Lauren McGuire, President of Man Made Music   Data is sexy…   People look to good data to help them …

Sound in the Age of COVID-19

by Amy Crawford   We spend a lot of time thinking about using music and sound to tell stories; how …

Shoplifting and Silence at Amazon Go

Amazon Go is here. One of the biggest tech stories of the year, with far reaching news coverage and of …

How Sonic Branding Transforms Brand Experience

Technology now touches almost every experience we have. Smart tech is increasingly how brands target, find and captivate us, which …

Dine With Design

Work lunches usually connote a spread of mediocre sandwiches or an underwhelming salad. But what if every once in a …

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