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Addressing Today’s Top Brand Challenges With Sonic Identity

The bar for brand experience has never been higher. Today, marketing and customer experience leaders are in pursuit of the best ways to connect with their desired audiences across an ever-increasing number of touch points ... Read More

Music Studio Innovation Guy Can’t Sing or Dance

But we’ve got rhythm… Every day I’m surrounded by talented musicians and tempting instruments, but if I dare to pick up that acoustic guitar in the corner of the studio, my credibility is sunk. Even ... Read More

Playlist: Sweet Sounds of the Holidays

Candy canes, yule logs, gingerbread – what’s not to love? Well, maybe having to hear the same music on repeat for a month. We’ve got you covered with sweet tunes to match your sweet tooth ... Read More

‘Hear This’: Q&A with Kevin Perlmutter, Man Made Music’s EVP, Chief of Innovation

Originally published on Now more than ever brands are realizing the importance of using music and sound to strategically engage with their audience. Those who have caught on recognize that people are affected by sound ... Read More

Playlist: Halloween For 2016

Halloween is creeping around the corner so Man Made Music has assembled two Spotify playlists to get you in the spirit. Get spooked with these playlists of hair-raising, spine-chilling music — from Hollywood’s iconic horror ... Read More

From Assembly Line to Playground: Sound’s Crucial Role in Experiences

Talk of e-commerce experiences often involves a smattering of familiar words: “intuitive this,” “quickly that,” "so-seamless-my-five-year-old-son-could-redecorate-our-house-in-the-dark" easy. (eBay shows us Karlie Kloss can do it in 24-hours, so can you!). Clean, simple and user friendly ... Read More

My Back Pages: Bob Dylan and the Art of American Storytelling

Bob Dylan was honored last week with a Nobel Prize in Literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” This was big news in the music world, but what really ... Read More

Are Brands Neglecting the Most Intuitive Sense?

Intuitive. It's become an overused word at this point, don’t you think? Simply being visually intuitive is no longer enough. It’s true, everything is expected to be more intuitive, and the more intuitive things become, ... Read More

The Gap is Gone: Sound in the New VR Frontier

Why VR? What’s the fascination with Virtual Reality? Until you’ve tried it for yourself it’s hard to appreciate why strapping a phone to your face has anything to offer beyond gimmickry. Yet it’s what happens ... Read More

VR: Needs Great Storytelling, Visuals and Sound

Why Sound Is an Immutable Ingredient for Great Storytelling Virtual reality and augmented reality have become resident buzzwords, first in the lexicon of Fast Company and TechCrunch writers and futurists, followed by educational institutions, healthcare ... Read More

This Playlist Will Get You Laid (Or Your Money Back)

Roses are red, violets are blue, you want to get laid and we’re here for you! The perfect song can make or break the mood. Whether you are appreciating a long term beau, celebrating with ... Read More

Sonic Scores Big at Super Bowl 50

Some people watch it for the half-time show, some actually care about the score and others are only interested in the monstrous spread of snacks, but everyone remembers their favorite Super Bowl commercials come Monday ... Read More