Check out Len Stein’s interview with Joel Beckerman over at Branding Magazine:

Over time, sonic design has spread throughout the media and now stands at the forefront of aural marketing memes as “sonic interaction design.” Here we explore the role of sonic design in branding with one of the field’s leaders, Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music, whose iconic brand sounds span across telecoms, film, and even network television.

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Check out the latest interview with Joel Beckerman on Coaster 101:

Joel Beckerman and his Man Made Music company are responsible for some of the most recognizable brand themes and sonic identities for big names in the entertainment world including ESPN, HBO, Hulu, just to name a few.

Now, he and his team have ventured into a new frontier: using sound to give life to the Cartoon Network area at the new IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park in Dubai. Opened in August of this year, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park in the world at 1.5 million square feet. It features three roller coasters and five different themed zones, including the Cartoon Network area, which comprises 200,000 square feet of space alone.

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Candy canes, yule logs, gingerbread – what’s not to love? Well, maybe having to hear the same music on repeat for a month. We’ve got you covered with sweet tunes to match your sweet tooth. So grab your mug of cocoa and curl up by the fire with our 2016 Holiday Playlist. No sugar added.

Halloween is creeping around the corner so Man Made Music has assembled two Spotify playlists to get you in the spirit. Get spooked with these playlists of hair-raising, spine-chilling music — from Hollywood’s iconic horror themes to classical music’s atonal masterpieces. Enjoy and have a hauntingly delightful Halloween!

Halloween in Hollywood
Iconic horror themes from some of Hollywood’s greatest composers like Herrmann, Carpenter and Williams

Alarmingly Atonal
Featuring atonal compositions from Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Bartók and more

Read Jack Hitt on sonic branding and Joel Beckerman:

Fajitas, Beckerman writes, were merely a decent-selling dish that went supernova as a middle-class entree after Chili’s focused its presentation on the loud sizzle of the dish emerging from the kitchen, a sound that figured into all its key advertising. Spend enough time pondering the nuances of sonic branding, and you come to appreciate the pure genius of the letter z in the word Prozac.

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Check out Diane Clehane’s interview with Joel Beckerman:

Believe it or not, Joel’s work is just as far reaching and impressive beyond soundtracks. Every brand, he said, needs “sonic sound” not recycled pop tunes to convey the right energy and image to their customers. While the “perfect” pop song “it works” in some cases, but Joel cautioned, “The days of selling people stuff [with heavy techniques] … people can smell that a mile away.” Innovation always rules the day.

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Check out brandchannel’s interview with Man Made Music SVP, Chief Strategist, Kevin Perlmutter:

brandchannel: Sonic identity has been around for a while, why should marketers pay more attention to it now?

KP: Today, sonic identity is more important than ever. As brands are moving well beyond advertising and becoming more experience-focused, new tools are required to successfully connect with audiences in digital touchpoints, in spaces and at live events. The strategic use of sound can be seamlessly woven through brand touchpoints to provide more familiar and more desirable brand experiences. There’s a lot of research around this—the right music improves brand experiences and metrics, where the wrong music can have the opposite effect.

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Check out Mark Joyella on our work for CBS Evening News:

The CBS Evening News debuted a refreshed open and tease bumpers–and a brand new music package. “We hope that when you hear this music, you will know this is The CBS Evening News,” anchor Scott Pelley said in a package devoted to the new sound. “This year we decided it was time for a new beginning.”

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Watch the CBS Evening News feature on their new theme music from Man Made Music and Wayne Sharpe:

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Check out Brian Steinberg on our work for CBS Evening News:

The venerable newscast this evening will debut a new musical theme and new graphics elements, part of an effort to lend the show a new look as it continues to emphasize enterprise reporting and investigative journalism and distinguish itself from rivals on NBC and ABC. In recent weeks, the show has tinkered with the backdrops and camera angles it uses to create views that are more striking. The tweaks coincide with anchor Scott Pelley’s fifth anniversary at the helm of the broadcast.

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