Man Made Music is seeking a curious and insightful Account Executive to join our Client Experience team. As an Account Executive, you will partner with Creative Directors and Producers to strategically define the sound of brands and entertainment properties.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will be focused on creating long-lasting client relationships, providing internal and external project management and identifying new business opportunities.

Our ideal candidate has at least 2 years of client service experience. Sonic branding experience is not required but an interest in music and marketing is.

Man Made Music celebrates diversity and is passionate about creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We are striving for a diverse mix of talented people who want to come, to stay and do their best work.

Job Responsibilities

Brand Sonic Strategy & Asset Creation
Collaborate to create Sonic Strategies for assigned client projects. Manage Content Producer in compiling brand, competitive, and aspirational audit results and building them into a presentation. Partner with Creative team to come up with a strategic POV & brief for the creative process. Create project timelines, prepare client facing materials, write contact reports & share meeting agendas. Play an active role in kickoff calls, strategy and audit process, as well as manage the project through demo creation to final approval and delivery of assets.

Brand Sonic Identity Implementation
Collaborate with clients on successfully implementing sonic throughout their organization and accomplishing desired sonic goals.

Client Reporting & Support
Take notes at meetings and on conference calls to compile formal Contact Reports. General office and client support, including internal calendar management and working with client & partners to set meetings. Successfully follow internal file management process and organization. Consistently demonstrate ability to move into problem-solving mode.

Client Relationship Management
Manage and support the daily client relationship, whether it be inputting on client strategy, managing deliverable expectations, reviewing creative and guiding decision making, or coordinating production to meet client deadlines. Be prepared to present to clients during key meetings.

Client Relationship & Inside Sales Development
Build and maintain successful and collaborative client relationships during and after projects. Proactively uncover additional Sonic opportunities with existing clients. Nurture client and partner agency relationships throughout each year.
When needed, lead internal sessions to identify the proactive ideas to present to client/partner.

Administrative Project Management
Monitor project schedules, budgets, resources, staff hours and out of pockets. Flag any concerns with Account Director and Director of Operations and propose solutions when possible.

Brand Partnership Support
Assist Brand Partnership team in the creation of proposals shared with potential Man Made clients and partners.

Brand Development Support
Support Brand Development team on public facing sonic activations and any client related requests.

Please send resumes to

The Studio Technologist role at Man Made Music is a unique position that puts you in the driver seat of making a world class facility operate on the highest level possible. It’s a multi-faceted position that requires a passion for music, creativity, people, and solving complex problems. On one day, you might find yourself in the studio overseeing a recording session with some of NYC’s top musicians, the next day you might have to break down and solve a complex issue with office-wide technology. The next day you might be asked to give your insight into emerging technology and how it can impact our work and workflow. Serious candidates will have the right attitude to manage multiple workflows, develop skills they need, and put their mark on running an amazing studio.

Job Responsibilities (including but no limited to)

• Work with producers, engineers, studio assistants and interns to ensure recording sessions are well-managed and productive.
• Maintain studio hardware including preamps, compressors, microphones, headphones, and more. Also includes operation and maintenance of studio instruments. (Actual repairs and upkeep isn’t necessarily done in-house, but the process will be managed by studio tech)
• Manage compatibility across all studio and office software, keep staff informed, and manage updates.
• Troubleshoot, assess and resolve issues related to signal flow in the recording studios.
• Manage and consult on systems essential to seamless studio operations including: Box, SAN (hardware and software), AVID products and audio plugins (Native instruments, UAD, Waves, etc.).

• Office-wide media stations manage operation of media centers, train staff, and perform updates as needed. (Apple TVs, QLab, Conferencing software…)
• Manage CrashPlan backup system: Check logs, status of devices and servers, and manage individual user backup sets.
• Office365: Monitor health of Exchange server + manage users, groups, and resources.
• Set up new technology (e.g. computers & mobile phones) for new hires
• Manage outside resources who are qualified to monitor and configure Network via ASA, the Switch (Cisco CLI), and the WAP GUI

Emerging Technology
• Research new + emerging technology on project basis, and provide workflow recommendations when necessary.
• Identify and maintain high-level goals for technology and integrated systems at Man Made Music’s office and studios


• The right attitude to acquire new skills, work in a fast-paced environment, and manage multiple tasks
• A passion for the intersection of creativity and technology
• Good interpersonal skills
• Professional experience in a recording studio environment
• Working knowledge of DAWs, audio plugins, studio signal flow, and audio recording hardware.
• Experience working with Apple computers and hardware, including macOS and iOS
• Knowledgeable in the setup, administration, and upkeep of file servers.
• The desire to build something amazing

Man Made Music celebrates diversity and is passionate about creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We are striving for a mix of talented people who want to grow in a fun, creative, professional environment.

We offer competitive benefits such as health care plans, paid time off, paid parental leave and 401(K).

Starting salary commensurate with experience

Please contact:

Check out Bennett Bennett on the new sonic identity we created for global media platform The Drum:

As The Drum rolls out a new visual identity across its magazine, awards and website alongside the launch of our new Voice issue, it has also been imagining what The Drum sounds like. And so, thanks to strategic music and sound studio Man Made Music, we’ve now got our very own bespoke audio identity.

Read more at The Drum and see a behind-the-scenes video below…

This year SXSW showcased a wide range of activations that emphasized the powerful role of sound in experiences.

Sony Wow Studio’s installation Ghostly Whisper which used audio technology to manifest a haunting experience for visitors. Enveloping attendees in otherworldly sound and haptics. Sony’s other activation the Acoustic Vessel Odyssey used over 500 speakers. Additionally, having a choreographed light show to present a voyage through space and time. With their enviable spatial audio technology, Sony was able to craft immersive group experiences without the need of cumbersome headphones.

Marshmallow Laser Feast, a creative studio out of London brought a mixed reality experience that incorporated visuals, sound and haptics to comment on the effect of man on the planet through clapping, whistling, hollering and singing under a virtual umbrella.

Our friends at Pandora made an intimate connection between sonic branding and our personal relationships with music at their SXSW house. Partnering with Tool of North America, Pandora’s experience involved interactive tables captured both musical preferences and mood. Therefore, using a simple questionnaire and facial recognition technology to ultimately craft a unique audio clip that “sounds like you”.

The much buzzed about Westworld: Live Without Limits used sound to set the stage for their transformational experience. Upon arrival, a player piano greeted participants with haunting covers of The Rolling Stones and Radiohead. The show’s iconic theme music infused the entry experience to the town of Sweetwater. Additionally, where live eerie folk music twinkled in the background, having senses of otherworldliness to every inch of the park.

In a four-day long immersive storytelling journey between multiple dimensions, creative collective Meow Wolf in collaboration with the Interactive Deep Dive and Man Made Music poetically disrupted the world of Bryan Bishop, a senior editor for the Verge. In his reflective piece on this once in a lifetime experience in the SimuLife Diaries, Bishop speaks to the transformative powers of the unique sound design that signaled rifting between these two worlds.

Panels also found ways to forge music into their topics. Dovetailing on Elon Musk’s surprise appearance and the announcement of SpaceX’s plans for Mars in 2019, Man Made brought music to the world of Mars exploration and colonization. Opening with an experiential score, Man Made discussed the future of culture on Mars in the panel Mars or Bust with outer space architect John Spencer and NASA astronaut, Yvonne Cagle. The conversation culminated in the first performance of Martian folk music, involving the panelists and audience alike.

SXSW continues to stay true to its musical routes. Therefore, having new and exciting ways to feature the power of sound on a far broader spectrum.

Report to EVP Managing Director with a dotted line to Founder

Man Made Music is a strategic music and sound studio founded in 1998. We use music and sound to shape how audiences feel. Man Maders come from entertainment, branding, live music, theater, technology, innovation, design, advertising, media buying and sports. We pull from all walks of life to serve audiences and make life better through sound and music.

The device in your hand, the biggest game of the year, your favorite shows and networks, museums and theme parks you love, the immersive experience you can’t stop talking about, cars you’ll drive, your future robots… we score it all with the vision of making life richer and simpler.

We are looking for a candidate to:

Lead business development on the East Coast with the EVP Managing Director. Communicate Man Made’s philosophy, values, and innovations to potential clients and the outside world. Act as a leader internally: motivate, show leadership in growth, and create momentum. Partner with SVP, Head of Brand in marketing efforts worldwide, facilitating growth across all verticals.

Be a Sonic Evangelist and guide clients in how sound can best improve audience experience and support business metrics. Actively participate in internal brainstorming, offering expansion and innovation discussions to bring the best ideas to Man Made clients.

Through internal partnership, ensure world-class client outreach, development, presentations, meetings, pitches, to maximize. 
•  Meet or exceed growth targets and objectives
•  Partner on strategic plans to grow the business
•  Maximize existing business relationships
•  Establish new business relationships
•  Train and manage the Biz Dev team as it grows
•  Responsible for a portion of Biz Dev team expenses, budgets and process
•  Coordinate efforts between the Operations, Creative and Client Experience team on proposals and presentations

We’re looking for a Team Player with:
•  3-5 years experience in a creative company
•  An Entrepreneurial spirit – passion and experience in driving growth and building things
•  A real love for meeting people and making friends
•  Strong project and team management skills
•  Great written and oral communication skills
•  An analytical brain, able to simplify complex offerings into actionable, exciting proposals

Man Made values diversity and experiences from all cultures, genders, and races.

Please contact Zuzu Boisson ( with your resume if interested.

Check out Darryn King’s feature for Forbes on Joel Beckerman’s “ear-catching ideas for the New York City subway”:

“Frankly, the sound when you swipe the card and you’re successful sounds exactly the same as when you fail,” he says. “You’ve got to look at the screen every time you swipe or risk bumping into the bar. If it was simply a different sound, people would save their legs. There are so many simple things that would have been so easy for them to do, that wouldn’t have cost them a nickel more, but they weren’t thinking about it on a human level.”

Read more at Forbes

Check out Man Made Music’s Dan Venne and Kevin Perlmutter. Speaking with John Converse Townsend of FastCompany on our work with Nissan:

Watch “How Silent Electric Vehicles Get Their Sound” on FastCompany

Check out Man Made Music’s Director of Strategy, Kristen Lueck speaking at TEDx for EAE Business School in Madrid:

Whether we realise it or not, music and sound score everything – from cine films to our daily wake-up call. Therefore, learn how to harness the impact of this powerful, and often under-utilised, design tool, to transform brand messaging, multi-sensory experiences, and even your own life.

Watch the talk on TEDx or below…

Check out Katie Richards’ article at Adweek, featuring insight from EVP managing director Lauren McGuire:

“If music creates emotion, what we see is brand favorability increases, brand consideration increases, metrics that really apply directly to ROI. When it comes to all experiences, brands are realizing that emotional connection is more important than ever,” said McGuire

Read more at Adweek

Twist, pop, Ahhhhhhhh.

When craving a sweet and refreshing Snapple, all that stands in your way is a simple twist of the top and a most satisfying pop. While most bottles are encumbered by plastic around their lids, Snapple has done away with the pesky packaging their competitors find necessary. Why can they do this? It’s because their iconic pop instantly communicates freshness, inciting a Pavlovian response of satisfaction over the imminent hydration.

Sound plays a powerful and pervasive role in our interpretation of freshness, temperature and taste. All of which factor into the individual choices we make about our food and drink. To explore the role of sound in our lives and its potential role in supporting a culture of health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation participated in a Man Made Music HIVE Session™ — a three hour think tank for creative ideation sharing and sonic exploration. Throughout our wide-ranging discussion that examined areas such as sleep, mental wellness, childhood fitness, and alarm fatigue – one area of intrigue was the role of sound in the choices we make around food.

Founder of Man Made Music, Joel Beckerman, explored this concept in his book The Sonic Boom: How Sound Transforms the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy, which begins with a classic example of the role of sound and how we perceive taste. The Chili’s restaurant franchise is famous for their fajitas, and rightfully so. But did you know that at any given moment, Chili’s is cooking up far more fajitas orders in the kitchen than required? That’s because each time the kitchen door swings open and the sound of sizzling meat escapes into the restaurant floor, patrons take notice — and orders for the spicy dish soar. Beckerman also touches on the implications of sound in how a food product is packaged. In 2010, Frito-Lay debuted a 100% biodegradable bag for SunChips, which ended up being an epic flop. The material of the bag caused it to be so loud it was featured on CBS cutting through the shrieks of trains on a New York City subway platform. A Facebook group called “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag” sprang up with over forty-four thousand followers. SunChips sales dropped every month until Frito-Lay scrapped the design. The sound alone had driven customers away from a once beloved product.

How could we use our knowledge about the influence of sound on perception to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for young children? How could we use sound to alter perception of taste or of an experience to facilitate healthy eating habits? After brainstorming, four key areas of opportunity rose to the forefront:

1. Sonify the Everyday to Bring Delight

If sound can act as a positive reinforcement tool for children, use it to create moments of delight in everyday interactions. Vending machines could be altered to give encouraging sonic cues when children made healthier selections. Musical water fountains could encourage and remind students to drink water, gamifying what might otherwise be a forgetful part of the day.

2. Sound Affects Gaze

A study that aired recently on NPR discussed the involvement of sound in directing focus and attention. While it is often shown that people will fill their plates with the first thing they see, it is sound that directs even those cursory glances. Imagine if a school cafeteria leveraged this tool to highlight different dishes for students. By strategically considering not only where food items are placed, but highlighting the healthiest options with interesting and engaging sound, kids could be compelled to fill their plates up with nutritious veggies first, before moving onto less desirable options.

3. Consider the Restaurant Model

Restaurants play close attention to the music they play in their establishments, understanding the strong connection that forms between music and any dining experience. Playing music that is complementary to the restaurant environment has been proven to increase linger time and subsequently purchases. However, schools and public spaces don’t consider music in the same way. What is we applied this same logic to a cafeteria? Or to a classroom during snack time? Parents could also implement this at home, crafting strong positive bonds between music and mealtimes that could have lasting implications for a child’s eating habits.

4. Start a Packaging Revolution

More often than not, the unhealthiest options have the flashiest packaging. How can we start a packaging revolution using sound that would make healthier choices more appealing to eat and drink? Can healthier brands leverage preexisting positive associations between sound and freshness, such as the crunch of an apple, to preemptively engage children before the child has even taken a sip or a bite.

Sound and music are powerful stimulus that connect with the brain instantaneously. Sonic cues have great potential to create lasting associations and positive connections. What are your ideas for how the power of sound could help make the healthy choice the easy choice? Feel free to share your thoughts below.