The warmer weather has finally arrived! Here is a new wave of fresh sound for your earbuds:

Many of these tracks are a summation of my SXSW experience which kicked off Spring in early March. Other tracks found their way onto this list from excellent live performances (Matthew E. White), recommendations from friends (Sturgill Simpson), or trolling the internet until I found something worthy (Twerps).

The playlist features a wide array of genres and features tracks off several notable new albums. Here are a few personal recommendations for the 2015 albums with songs featured in this playlist:

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
If the Chronic 2001 album holds a special place in your heart, To Pimp a Butterfly is the album for you. It even has a few skits!

Matthew E. White – Fresh Blood
This entire album is nothing short of a dream, complete with soulful gospel rock and simple-yet-heavy lyrics. He’s even better live, so if you have the chance to hit his show, you will not be disappointed. I want to get all up in that man’s beard. All up in it.

The London Souls – Here Come the Girls
A truly awesome, groovy rock album that takes you on a musical journey through distorted guitars to ukuleles. The album finally dropped after being delayed due to a hit and run accident leaving one of the members in a coma.

Emile Haynie – We Fall
Really nice album from an interesting guy that’s gone relatively under-the-radar. There is a lot of big name talent sprinkled throughout the album (Lana Del Ray, Rufus Wainwright, Nate Ruess, Adrew Wyatt, Lykke Li, Randy Newman).

Thanksgiving is a time for food comas, football, and the best (or worst!) part: FAMILY! Your Guide to Thanksgiving encompasses brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, mamas and papas, love and friendship. We sometimes want to strangle our family members… but let’s face it, for most, family is our oldest and dearest friends – the only people on this earth that are required to love us unconditionally. From our Man Made family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks 

Welcome to our latest #TBTPlaylist. We made a playlist that showcases fun tracks that sample famous songs. Listen and see how the originals fare up to their sampled counterparts. Let us know your favorite sample-based songs or sample sources on Twitter by using #TBTPlaylist!


With any playlist, rule number one is know your audience. Fourth of July parties tend to be large groups of all ages; so in this hit playlist, you’ll hear an amazing range for mass appeal. The music was designed to evolve like the flow of a celebration – so don’t hit shuffle! The July 4th Playlist is a musical journey of sorts – and don’t worry parents, we kept it pretty clean so the kiddies can dance too.

We start out with some folk/rock (Ray LaMontagne, Alabama Shakes) and get into pop/rock (Miles Fisher, Party Supplies) as the party ramps and your crowd grows. You’ll even hear some R&B and rap later on (lady of the summer Iggy Azalea has to make an appearance). For the finale – or fireworks, as the case may be – some EDM-light (Kiesza)… End the independence festivities with your hands in the air!

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Man Made Music, and enjoy the playlist!